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Consultation Project

Portland, Oregon District Army Corps of Engineers employees must hold an OFFICIAL US passport rather than a tourist passport. The details about how to obtain an official passport are complex and confusing. This project's goal is to provide streamlined training documents that address this need.

About ID Squad

ID Squad is a team of graduate students in the Instructional Technology & Design program at the University of North Alabama. Members work in array of fields and have expertise in various areas of instructional design.

Headshots of team members. Jenna Henderson, Libby Cunningham, Sonya Lee, Jen Awwad, Ashley Tatem, Hannah Thompson

Passport to Sucess Project

Our project is designed to help Portland, Oregon District Army Corps of Engineers employees obtain and maintain their official US passports. We simplify their complex process of obtaining an official passport, as well as provide relevant links to ensure that employees remain up-to-date with the latest requirements and regulations.


"ID Squad's documents simplified what was once a difficult, confusing process. I think our employees will appreciate this new information. I highly recommend their services."

Daniel Day, Passport Agent, US Army Corps of Engineers

"Thanks to ID Squad's training program, I was able to obtain my official US passport with ease. I knew exactly what I needed to do and what documents I needed to bring. This was the first time I didn't have to look at 5 documents to figure out the process."

Rami Asool, Engineer

"I cannot recommend ID Squad's training program enough. With these materials, there is no reason any employee should ever have to reschedule an appoint or miss a deadline for travel."

Jim Sokoll, Engineer

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